Have you ever wondered why it is necessary at every sales pitch to have a closing line?


Imagine spending 10mins on a sales call explaining to a potential customer how perfect your products or services are and how it can be of help to him or her and at the end, you fail to ask the customer questions that will lead to closure?


This is also applicable in our life, some of us tell ourself big overwhelming stories, we create beautiful, well structured and colourful pitches daily, we dwell on them thinking how perfect it looks and we go about sharing this beautiful well-structured pitches to our friends and family, talking about how our life will be changed once this pitch is executed.


But we failed to add a call to action line on this beautiful pitches, the pitches are so many and complicated even the four parts of our brain conflict on how to take actions which leads us in confusion, depression, self-sabotage, and lack of confidence.


I have met people with so many dreams and detailed pitches that summaries their life failure with “I haven’t achieved my dream job because the job market is bad”, “I haven’t made sales because no one wants to buy from me”, “I haven’t made sales because no one wants the product”, “I haven’t started my business because I need my capital investment to be complete”, “I haven’t lost weight because I don’t have money for a gym membership”, “I didn’t pitch the customer for closure because he didn’t ask the price”, and so much of them.


These are some of the unrealistic excuses we give to our self. I asked my unemployed friend, did you update your CV? did you at least try submitting it to job agencies or applied directly online or in-person to companies? The answer was NO, I am waiting for the job market opportunities to increase.


She made a beautiful well-detailed CV which she was excited to inform her family and friends how beautiful she has designed her CV and how at a glance an employer can pinpoint she is a professional in her field, BUT she failed to take the necessary actions in getting her CV noticed by a potential employer. She dwells on her beautiful well-pitched CV without any call to action.


These are the problem most of us faces, we have a detailed picture of a good life but lacks the commitment and actions to make that dream a reality.


Just as every sales call requires a call to action line, our success in life lies on our call to action, no matter how perfect and real your dreams are, it is just a dream without any action steps. You have to commit little steps that will draw you closer to achieving your dreams, you need at least 5 daily action steps that will take you closer to achieving your goals and dream.


Whatever your dreams are, don’t be afraid to take actions, don’t constrain your ideas, don’t keep it on hold because of any situations or because someone with the same idea or concept failed, don’t wait for a particular time to implement it.


Just like in any sales pitch there is no right or wrong time to add a closing line as long as the customer is on the phone engaging with you, you will only end up making it easier for the next salesperson he contacts if you don’t use your call to the action line.


Our life is full of pitches, some times to successfully execute it will hurt, it will be frustrating, it will take time, it will require dedication, it will require will power, it will require an aggressive call to action, you will need to push your self to its max but when you achieve your goals it is worth all the struggles.


If you are reading this I wish you success in every of your life endeavours, take actions now! feel free to share on social media and drop a comment on the box below and I will be more than happy to reply.

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