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“When you live for a strong purpose, then hard work isn’t an option. It’s a necessity.” – Steve Pavlina

Growing up I often imagined what my life will be like, I used to imagine I was a princess living in a big castle with all the riches and privilege accorded to a princess and I imagined that one day I will be married to a handsome prince. I am sure most of us can relate to childhood dreams and imagination.

But leaving childhood, I dream and imagined less and as I became more matured, I stopped dreaming, I became caught up in the moment and never take out time to imagine what my ideal life should be like until  few months ago, my mentor asked me WHAT IS YOUR IDEAL LIFE?  

That question changed my life, it took me back to the young girl I was that dreamt every night of living in a castle, marrying a handsome prince and woke up every morning happy, light-hearted, acts like a princess and treats her room like a castle.

I realized that the moment I stopped dreaming and Imagining my ideal life, I stopped attracting my Ideal lifestyle, I started living for the moment, I set goals without vision and as a result, I don’t follow through with my goals, I lose track and focus.

Fast forward to the day my mentor asked me that question, he told me that dreaming and imagining aren’t for kids only, he told me every successful man and woman are dreamers with a vivid imagination, and he gave me 5 steps to creating my ideal life which I will be sharing with you below.


1 – SELF CARE / SELF LOVE – The act of taking care of your self physically, mentally, loving your self unapologetically, feel good in your own skin and become friends with your self. because if you are lonely, you gonna remain lonely until you become friends with your self.

If you go out  looking  for company outside your self first,  you will be disappointed because you are always going be lonely.

I started listening and talking more often to myself, professing positive declaration even when I fail at a project or something. I quit listening to what people want me to do and start doing what I want which helped in keeping my conscious and unconscious mind at peace without conflict.

 I observed  that when I want to do some certain things differently and I listened to peoples opinion, I get confused and it causes conflicts between my conscious and unconscious mind. and I end up loosing my confident and focus.


2 – QUIET MOMENTS – I created a ME time. These moments I find a quiet place where I won’t be disturbed, I keep my phones away from me and spend time with myself, I align my thoughts and focus on things, what and who that matters. I close my eyes and imagine.

Creating a quiet moment is so important even if it is for 20 mins, sometimes during these moments things and situations become more clear to you, you can find solutions to situations you felt are impossible.

 When you block out all the noise your brain focus more on things that matters.


3 – LIVE INTENTIONAL –  Intentional living is a great way to ensure you live your life the way you want and it will help you to reach your goals faster.

Living intentional helped me to live purposefully and act according to my belief, I believe so much in the law of attraction, I believe that there is no such thing as coincidence, everything that happens in this world is for a reason.

Intentional living helps you take actions according to your belief. If you intentionally position your mind to think of success and being wealthy, you will attract success and wealthiness.


4 – DREAM and DREAM – Defined as a series of thoughts, images, great desire, fantasy, a cherished aspiration, ambition etc…


How clear is the dream of your ideal day?


This is a bit of my ideal day which takes me closer to my ideal life…

I wake up in a nice beautiful private beach in the Maldives with my partner in a bed with white sheets and the early sunlight coming through the sheer curtains, warming my face. feeling calm, loved, and fulfilled I say my morning prayers.

Well rested and excited to start the day after a wonderful night of loving and laughter., we had a long breakfast on the deck while discussing how we will be spending our day.

After breakfast, I open my laptop and look out over the beautiful landscape while listening to the sound of the birds and the waves. I think to myself how grateful I am to live my life this way and that I can help other people create such an amazing lifestyle  as well..

 Checking my digital businesses dashboard and see that we have made more sales and our coaching slots is fully booked, and other of our various businesses are making sales while we were all over our self.

Excitement, filled with gratitude, and motivation I went to tell my partner the great news…

What is your ideal day? Which will take you closer to your ideal life?


 5- TAKE ACTION –  Set realistic goals that will take you closer to your ideal lifestyle and take daily actions.

To achieve any kind of set goals in life, you must commit to take daily actions that will drive you closer to achieving your goals.  

Visualize it

Take actions

Surround yourself with like-minded people

Reject Rejection and

Remove Negativity.

I am so happy writing this article and I hope it will help someone to take the necessary actions in planning and achieving  his or her ideal life. I believe one step in the right direction is worth a hundred years of thinking about taking the necessary steps to create a successful lifestyle.

If you would like to take that one step, JOIN ME on this page, sign up to get access to our free lifestyle and business models video series, which I believe will be very beneficial to you.

Feel free to drop a comment if you enjoy reading this article or if you have any questions and I will be more than happy to respond back.

Remember, all you need is one step in the right direction


  1. Such an interesting read Vivee… you’re ideal is so beautiful. Self-time is my favorite! Personally I get so much done in myself time. I usually like the early hours of the morning. This is when I clear my mind, practice my balance, dwell in gratitude and come up with a plan for my day. The result of this practice is simply mind-blowing and so much valuable. Thanks for sharing with us dear #love

    1. Hi Obehi
      Self-time is my favourite too! especially during mediation. I can’t start my day without spending time with my self first.
      I am happy you enjoyed reading this article.
      Thanks for your support XX

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