Working from home

Hey, Lovelies!

How is the quarantine going at your various locations? 

I am living in United Arab Emirate and at my end, the situation is looking a bit positive.  

On the 24 April 2020, the Government announced that individuals will be able to leave their homes between 6.00 am and 10.00 pm without a permit. The public will be required to strictly follow precautionary measures which include maintaining physical distance from others as per guidelines and wearing a face mask. Those who do not wear a mask will be subject to a fine of AED1,000. You can check gulf news ae for full details. 


Working from home



As the world fights relentlessly against this pandemic, most of us face our daily struggle, especially if you are sharing your space with roommates, friends or family members. it can be daunting as everyone is reacting to the quarantine differently.


If you are an active person and maintain an active lifestyle, being on lock-down can push you to edge, after my first week of quarantine, I felt myself struggling to keep a sane mindset, I got pissed off at every little thing, I disliked the fact that I couldn’t travel or go out at free will and I got tired of checking my Instagram page to see what people were doing.

I decided I have to adapt to this new temporal lifestyle and make it productive while it lasts.


Here are the 6 ways to be productive during this quarantine:


1 – CLEAN OUT YOUR WARDROBE: Most of us have clothes in our wardrobe that still have their shop label tag! especially if you are working a 9 to 5 corporate job and your basic work wears are suits, jacket, shirts, pants or skirts and with your busy work schedule you never get the chance to wear that beautiful night out clothes you bought or you just don’t have the time to sort your wardrobe.



In this lock-down, you can sort which items in your wardrobe that you need, check out the once that fits and still your size and whichever you don’t need, you can package and donate to the charity.


3 – LEARN NEW SKILLS: On my first week of quarantine, I spend lots of my time on social media watching tik tok, Netflix, which with all due respect to the fans never adds value to me.

On my second week, I utilize my Internet in learning new skills, I signed up with communities like Udemy which have tons of free courses on any skills of your choice.

New Skills



You can check out Udemy, Skill-share, Alison for free online courses.

One thing I am sure of after the world lock-down is that the market for employees and employers will become very competitive so you need to up your skills.


4 – READ NEW BOOKS: Commit to reading at least one book a week. Read books that are related to your goals and passion.


5 – STAY CONNECTED AND BUILD NETWORK: Stay connected through your social media and build your online presence if you wish to.

Also in this situation staying home with your spouse might be a little tensed and challenging especially with the world economy dropdown.

Stay connected


Understanding each other and respecting each others space is crucial at this time, you can support each by staying positive, try out new things, explore your sexual relationship, talk to each other and do things like cooking and gardening together.



6 – START AN ONLINE BUSINESS: I can’t stress the importance of having multiple incomes stream especially in this current market situation and the rate at which lots of people are losing their jobs and companies are closing this is the right moment to consider starting a side business.

check out my next blog post where I will be explaining how to start an online business with better details.

A lot of us are going through a difficult time with this current situation, one advice I always give to people around me is to never be deceived by what you see on social media, don’t beat your self, don’t fill your mind and that of people around you with negativity, always stay positive and know that you are not alone.


Thank you for reading this article, kindly share with us how you are spending your Covid-19 quarantine down in the comment area and I will be more than happy to respond back.

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