With the currently imposed stay at home quarantine due to COVID-19, a lot of us are struggling with weight loss due to the changes in our daily schedules and while most of us are staying at home without doing much we end up trying different types of recipes, visiting our fridge and pantries regularly. 


But before you give that hard-earned money to gimmicks, fast weight loss plans and fake dietitians, I will like to share with you the biggest weight loss mistakes most of us do. 



1: DIET VS LIFESTYLE-  Diets which are usually for a short time are not the best solution for weight loss.

Most of the diet that you might be introduced to is so extreme that it restricts you from the vital nutrition you can get in a properly balanced meal, which can lead to several types of health issues and even obesity. 

Instead of following a crash diet, you can commit to a lifestyle of eating healthy portioned meals, eat your carbs, fat and protein in lower quantity and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.


2: FAKE GET QUICK RESULTS SCHEME- Avoid get quick results scheme like slimming teas, pills, appetite suppressants etc.


All these types of quick result schemes will slow down your metabolic rate to store energy more efficiently and as a result, you will start craving for snacks and sugar for a quick energy boost. Also, these slow’s down your weight loss progress.


3: RESTRICTING CALORIES- Reducing your calorie intake is very important for your health, especially patients with unique health issues BUT it is very dangerous to RESTRICT your daily calories. 


Restricting your calorie intake can give you a quick weight loss which includes you looking older than your age, lower metabolism, Fatigue and Nutrient Deficiencies etc.

It is better and healthier to maintain your daily calorie intake at least 1200 to 2000.



4: FAST FOOD- We all love those yummy burgers and french fries, pizza etc. Fast food companies add loads of oils, species and flavors to keep you craving and coming back for more, but these are detrimental to your health and weight loss journey.


Instead of buying fast food take-out for launch, create a habit of food prepping. 


This will help you to control your potion and also it will save you money and time in the kitchen.


5:OVER SNACKING –Snacking is one of the great ways to lose and control our weight but the problem is, some of us tends to over snack or indulge in unhealthy snacks. 


Just as it is important to control the amount of food you eat, it is also very important to control the type and quantity of snacks you take.

It is better to snack on a hand full of nuts which can help you keep full for a longer period. 


6: SKIPPING BREAKFAST – Previously I was guilty of skipping breakfast due to my busy schedules in the morning, but I noticed I get more hungry and cranky in the morning without breakfast. 


Also while skipping breakfast, I overindulge in unhealthy snacks and this made me gain lots of weight. 


When I started eating breakfast, I monitored my self and I noticed I felt better in the morning and I eat lesser snacks and lesser food. 


Eating a healthy breakfast especially rich in fiber helps to keep you full for a longer period. 


7: UNREALISTIC GOALS– Some of us once we have decided to lose weight, we set unrealistic goals for a few weeks to 1 month.

We became impatience with our-self which in most cases leads to giving up.

Also, some people compare their weight loss journey to someone else journey and they forgot that our bodies are different, someone else body might shade fat faster than yours. 


Don’t compare your progress with another person, and also remember it took severally months or years to accumulate those fats so give yourself a realistic goal and be consistent and patient. 


8:STRESS – Stress increases the level of cholesterol in our body which can halt our weight loss progress or cause weight gain and this, in turn, raises your risk of heart disease. 


9: BAD HABITS: While on a weight loss journey, try not to slip back into bad food habits, that is why you need to make it a lifestyle. 

Eating that late-night snacks can add up to your calorie intake which will stall your weight loss. 


10: WHY DO YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT- I believe this is one of the most important points because knowing why will help you to commit to your journey. 


Write down on a piece of paper why you want to lose weight, stick it where you can easily see it and remind your self every time you crave for unhealthy food why you are doing this and in a matter of weeks it will become a part of you. 



Eating well and healthy is very important for our well being, A healthy lifestyle will help you to lose and maintain your weight. 

If you find this article helpful, kindly comment down below I will love to hear from you.  

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